31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012!

Time to say goodbye to the year that was (in a few hours that is) - year 2011, thank you for the happy, even the not-so-happy emo-ments. The hectic (a.k.a work-induced haggard days). For crazy, fun-filled girlfriend(s) bondings.

For the boyfriend who thinks i'm still sexy and pretty at 140 lbs! (shucks!) For him buying my favorite Christmas coffee with the oatmeal cookie (just the way I like it) because he knows the combo would make me smile. For him holding my hand and kissing my sweaty forehead (even with people watching!).

For family who supported and loved me even when I felt like a "failure". For the prayer meetings I looked forward to each Wednesdays.

For the inner chaos and weight struggles (haha!). For life (and love) issues, for new experiences and lessons learned - every memories to be cherished and thankful for.

Cheers to braving and surviving them all!

Faith. Hope. Love. -

With God, family, my hunny and friends by my side, I say - Bring it on 2012 I'm so ready for you! <3

25 December 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Let's not forget that today is not just about the food served on the table, get-together with family and friends, not even the presents we gave as well as those we received -

Let's remember that today is a celebration of God's present to the world, His Son, Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed that He loves us so much, He gave us His son.

Thank You Father God for everything that You've done for us and has given us. We truly are not worthy yet you loved us dearly.

Happy Birthday Jesus! We love You.

24 December 2011

Gift to Self

Just because.

Paris Hilton Heiress Eau de Parfum (hunny and moi love this scent) and Gap Moonwalk body mist (because it's on sale) Teehee!

Have a Happy Christmas Chim! <3

23 December 2011

Cheesy Much

It's drizzling and I'm tired. But with you here beside me, holdin my hand is the perfect way to end the night. #cheesy

10 December 2011

Wedding Bells

They're Getting Married!!

Christopher George Ventanilla and Geraldine Marcelo, we're so happy for you both! <3

06 November 2011

Paparapapa.. Love ko to!

It's mama's birthday in a few minutes! Thank God bakasyon din bukas pede kami magpuyat today. Yay! :D

Yup, the plan is that tomorrow we'll stay here sa house. Cook our favorite spaghetti and prepare papa's favorite (we'll anything sweet is both our favorite hehe :P) fruit cocktail. So this afternoon, we went to SM Southmall to shop for ingredients. Grocery shopping! I love grocery shopping! It used to be our bonding thing - me and my sisters (and mama), but we figured we always got carried away and spend waaay beyond our budget, so we try not to do it by group often. Sila mama or papa na lang para tipid. :P

05 November 2011

Blogger for iPad

With iPhone and iPod Touch interface to put to the test.

Today, Imma try and update my blog using the free app Blogger made. Hope I like it, even with this interface.

Now what to post...

Quick Update!

03 November 2011

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe

Lunch at Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe.

Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe and their array of pastries - breads, cakes, brownies, cupcakes.
All looks yum!
Tried something new for lunch! Yay! Mom & Tina's (at Ugong Pasig) - with the boyfriend and our friend, Ducks Cruz. Hehe. Food trip! For the love of steak - never mind the distance and the price. (Hunny's treat of course, my lunch that is!)

28 October 2011

Halloween Costume Contest

I've decided to be Misa Amane of Death Note for the Halloween costume contest at work. This way I just have to wear an emo-ish, goth look (something like that).

It's like recycling the costume I did last year - only this time without the fangs. Shinigami eyes - on! :D

Here are a few photos I grabbed at Facebook taken during the day :)

Chim dressed up as Death note's Misa
Well, I did try! I used my sister's dress this time. Buti na lang I already have this notebook noon pa (I'm a fan!). I love L btw, in case you're wondering.

In character - Fail. 
I was really just trying to show the make-up (Emo/Goth/Anime eyes) Frannie did. I should have closed my eyes a bit! :P

The Misa transformation. Thanks for the make-up Frannie!
Daanin sa make-up and accessories!
  • The Death Note-book
  • Last year's finger-less lace gloves (this was a part of my last year's "vampire" costume - maxado kasi mahal yun arm-length lace gloves, and since I'd only be using it once, I bought an arm sleeve instead - di nga lang bumagay sa dress so I re-used this na lang)
  • Forever 21 cross necklace (one look and I'm hooked. I just had to buy!)
  • Hunny's silver cross necklace (it was Nanay's gift to him, pero he gave me. <3)
  • Racq's cross earrings and bead bracelet (Thanks boy! so cute, makes me want cross earrings like these too!)
  • The Bling Project leather bracelet, SM accessories black ring, and my DIY choker haha! 
You'll only need a black lace, black ribbon and a Sew-No-More glue - voila! Choker na! :D

The Marketing Team Photo Stitch
(clockwise from upper left) The marketing department in their respective costumes; Frannie's zombie (oatmeal-cotton combo) face. (I vote for Fran!); Death Note's Misa, Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and The Waiter (haha!); We love our eye make-ups!

Photos with the marketing peeps! :D
(clockwise from upper left) Close-up with Reich; Misa with Inspector Charlie; at North Park with the marketing team. Yup! We went there with full make-up and costume on!

This was not supposed to be posted for all to see. But oh well. Reich already uploaded it on Facebook so I might as well post it here.

Us Three
Love this shot, I just had to post (full body shot this time). Death Note's Misa, Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and The Waiter? (pede din Tuxedo mask na lang para mas okay pakinggan) haha! :D

'twas a spook-tacular Halloween costume contest (hinde talaga party. Boom!). Dami nag-participate especially the night shift OSRP-eeps. Scary santa, french maid, witches, head-less guy, ghost, Pokemon's Ash, MIB, taong grasa (astig!) and a lot of the unknowns a.k.a. di alam kung ano ba sila. Fun! :D

08 October 2011

The Biggest Winner

Do you want to be the next BIGGEST WINNER?


Thru... Jesus.

The way...
The truth...
The life.

Find out more about Him.

Join the Rivers of Living Water Catholic Community (ROLWCC) --

Life in the Spirit Seminar

When: October 15-16, 2011
Time: 8:00AM to 5:00PM
Where: St. Paul College Pasig
St. Paul Road / Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

Registration fee is Php 300 only (inclusive of lunch and snacks)

More than a year ago, I decided to know more about Him by attending this Life in the Spirit Seminar, and my life is forever changed.

I am and will be forever grateful that I did.

Come my friend, this just might be the one thing that's missing in your life and the very thing you've been searching for all this time. :)

See map below on how to get to the venue. He'll be waiting. And we hope to see you there!

07 October 2011

Goodbye, Mr. Steve Jobs

October 5, 2011 marks the death of apple's former CEO. The brilliant mind behind the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Steve Jobs
1955 - 2011

Indeed this man has touched the lives of many, that a lot of tributes from different countries have flooded the news and the web. Source: Yahoo News

I myself has been deeply moved and would like to pay tribute in my own little way.

A letter to Steve Jobs from yours truly :

Dear Steve Jobs,

I don't know you personally, but in a way you've touched our lives with your contribution in technology. Your brilliant mind has been an inspiration to many, including me.

With utmost respect and admiration sir, thank you.


Note: The images seen here are taken from random posts on Google+ hehe :D

05 October 2011

Are you ready for 2012? BDJ FAIR 2012: TAKE FLIGHT!

Bellas, Save the date! It's the 2012 BDJ Power Planner Launch!


Pre-registration ✔ (check!) - I already submitted my entry today. Hopefully I'd get included in the first 1000 pre-registered girls, as we (yes, claim it na!) will be given a small token from the BDJ team. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :P

The fair would be held at the Eastwood Mall Open Park on October 16, 2011. And for this day only – Bellas can get 20% off on the BDJ Planner! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2012 BDJ Power Planner for only Php 480! Yay!!

What I love about this event (besides the 2012 planner launch and a whole bunch of shops and activities prepared for us Bellas), is that this is also a fund-raising event for the students of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo children) and SKR Program (Romblon scholars).

It's fun to know that we get to share the love in our small little way. Hey, entrance costs Php 50 only -- and 100% of the entrance proceeds will go to these children and scholars. <3

I am posting the details of the event and how to join the activities (received from the BDJ team) below.

So Bellas, I hope to see you there! :D


The 2012 BDJ Power Planner Launch and Fundraiser for the students of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo children) and SKR Program (Romblon scholars).

The endless explorations with Belle de Jour has never been this exciting. BDJ believes in every Bella’s capacity to live her life to the fullest not just through travel but in the journey called life. Conquer new experiences, get definite directions, map out your way out of style road blocks, learn how to sense and make sense out of signs, breeze through bumpy roads to career and life destinations and arrive at the destination of your dreams!

After 6 years of providing you the ultimate tool to help you live out your best life, chase after your dreams and do it all in style, BDJ invites you to soar, explore and celebrate the certified Bella that you have become!

Join us in our travel-themed festivities with various activities and talks from coaching experts, bloggers and celebrities that will surely bring out that magical feeling of wanderlust that is within all of us.

To top it all off, we’ve dedicated 100% percent of the fair’s entrance proceeds to the students of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo children) and SKR Program (Romblon scholars).

Exciting activities, remarkable shopping finds, delectable fare, stimulating talks and great company await everyone!



Date: October 16, 2011 (Sunday) 
Time: 2pm – 9pm 
Venue: Eastwood Mall Open Park 
Entrance: Php 50  (100% of Entrance Proceeds will go to the students of Scuolla dela Guioia (Tondo children) and SKR Program (Romblon scholars))

To join specific activities below, pre-registration is required. First 1000 PRE-REGISTERED GIRLS get a small token from the BDJ Team. =)


We have Free Fortune-Telling, Bungee-Jumping, Glitter Tattoo, Photo booth, drinks and food, prizes and give-aways from our BDJ Coupon partners and of course you can SHOP TILL YOU DROP on fab fashion finds from participating BDJ Lifestyle brands!


You can get 20% off on your BDJ Planner! All BDJ Fair attendees can buy the 2012 BDJ Power Planner for only Php 480! Yes, you read that right! Your fabulous power planner is made more affordable, still packed with special features and a total of 80 coupons from the the lifestyle brands you love!

PLUS GET A CHANCE TO WIN Free BDJ 2012 Power Planners and many more special prizes from our lifestyle brands!

TO WIN! --- Play an active role in the fair’s festivities. Pre-register in any of the following activities below. Please note each activity is limited to certain number of slots =) First come first served.

SHOP AROUND THE WORLD - by Alyanna Martinez (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

Feel on top of the world and shop in any currency for a bargain! Find out where to buy the most sought after “imported” fashion and beauty finds anywhere in the world. Stylist to the stars and savvy shopper, Alyanna Martinez spills her shopping secrets and destinations. Think global in terms of finding the best deal for your travel mementos.

SCAVENGER HUNT: The Amazing Minute Marathon (SLOTS = 100 PAX)

Travel through precious time and seek treasures around the fair grounds and around Eastwood City’s fun and exciting labyrinth! Complete certain tasks, rendezvous with your travel buddies and push your limits as you explore your confidence and creativity! Bring your digital camera and make sure you’re in comfy transit wear! Prizes await the winning team!

TRIPPIN’ - by Sole Sisters (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

The lessons we learn through experience come with a price. Know how to budget, plan and still make the most out of your trips through ingenious planning, knowing what websites to bookmark, hotel accommodations to crash in, backpackin’ and food-trippin’ tips to maximize whatever destination you choose to go to from the stylish Asian-backpacker bloggers, the Sole Sisters.

KILOMETER ZERO - by Carelle Mangaliag (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

In life, we seek to go through the road less travelled and find our way through the labyrinth of love, career and friendships with hardly a manual or GPS to guide us through treacherous tracks. Listen and be amazed by neuro-linguistic program certified trainor, Carelle Mangaliag on how she has taken U-turns, made the most out of her pit stops and what tools she used to race through her passion for the journey called life!


Walk the runway in styles that take you from airport comfy to Parisian London style ready! Be part of the 10 models for the BDJ 2012 Fashion Show showcasing the trendiest global-trotting ensembles from Promod and Parfois. (1) Tell us what you love about PROMOD or PARFOIS  AND (2) submit a full body photo with your vital statistics (bust, waist and hips size), and your complete contact details. Accepted models will be confirmed by October 7.

GET LOST IN STYLE - by Divine Lee (SLOTS = 200 PAX)

Traveling is stressful. But shopping while traveling makes it all worth it except that your baggage limit might just skyrocket! Know what to pack, wear and how to plan mixing and matching pieces to wear for a 3, 5 or a month-long trip to the beach, the mountains or low-temperature continents! Get tips from the guru of travel, style and practicality, Ms. Divine Lee, as she breezes you through her own hoorays and hooplas and how she conquers the world in style.

Please note per talk we can only accomodate a maximum of 200 BDJ Girls.

To participate, email us at BDJFAIR@belledejourpowerplanner.com the following details:

Email Address
Why I love my BDJ Planner:
(keep it short and sweet) =)
Activities to Join:

   1. Top Choice
   2. 2nd Choice
   3. 3rd Choice

Please note we'll be trying to give as many BDJ Girls as possible to actively participate at least one activity to be fair. We'll be confirming your slots by October 7.

What are you waiting for? Send us an email at BDJFAIR@belledejourpowerplanner.com NOW!

If you can't attend the BDJ Fair, but want to order the BDJ 2012 Power Planner, please do check back their website at www.belledjeourpowerplanner.com and Facebook fan page for further announcements. But the BDJ 2012 Power Planner will be available in bookstores after the fair and in the BDJ website October 18 onwards.

More details on the pages of the BDJ 2012 Planner will be revealed next week! Keep checking our website and Facebook account!

- BDJ Team

25 September 2011

F4 stash - we were super fans!

The other day mama was cleaning the house and look what she found -- our F4 stash!!

It's our (me and ate Leigh's) collection way back college. Uso pa Meteor Garden. Haha!

Pictures, pencils, laminated photo for keychains and bookmarks, Nokia 3210 phone case, playing cards and even POGS! Hahaha! Ang jologs!!

CDs (their music videos and MP3 collections), notebooks and magazines not included -- yet. I might as well take pictures of those and post it here. :D

I loved Ken Zhu. Ikaw? Who's your favorite F4?

24 September 2011

It's Boy Pick-up in the Flesh!!

Boy Pick-up (a.k.a. Kuya Starbucks Barista) at Glorietta

At the counter - Chim to order Grande Caramel Macchiatto and Belgian Waffle.

Chim: one grande Caramel Macchiatto please
Barista: hot?
Chim: extra hot
Barista: like you
Chim: huh? (sorry bingi lang)
Barista: extra hot - like you
Chim: yesss. si kuya pumipick-up line!

Yeah mennnn!



19 September 2011

Panic mode - that's what happened.

Note: this is an excerpt from my Chapters (journal entry) last night.


So hunny said yes - for me to purchase and download BlogPress (the blogging app for iPad). Been reading reviews about it the whole afternoon - ever since I was unable, after several attempt, to put an image on my blog post. I searched for the best app I could use.

There's Photobucket (a free app where you upload pics to their servers. I think. haha). You just copy the link/url code and place it as HTML on the blogger editor - didn't work for me though. I couldn't edit right after I put the codes. And when I tried to submit and publish -- nothing happened. It redirected me to the same text editor page without the codes. And the "updates" did not appear on my blog. Didn't even saved a draft when I refreshed the page.

Oh well.

Then hunny consented (spoiled much, I know) that I purchase the BlogPress app. I was able to successfully post 2 new entries - yay! I find the app very straight forward and easy to use. The interface was actually way simpler than what I imagined it to be haha! It prompts me to check my posts right after I click publish and it automatically redirected me to my updated blog page in safari. I was thrilled! I could actually see my posts yay! :D

Of course I wanted to check how my posts looked like using the PC. And so it began.

Panic mode.

I couldn't access my blog! WTH?! Google message says they've detected a traffic violation of some sort.


Was it because of the app I used?? Shux! I tried over and over. To no avail. What the heck happened? So there, I posted a review - gave the app 1 star, saying "what happened?! Now I couldn't access my blog using my pc. :( " (and a few more rants I think). Totally forgetting that it was hunny's account I was using and it's his name that would appear. Camote! To think I was the first to give the new version (app was recently updated I believe) a review. LOL. It's a little funny now thinking about what I did. Panic mode much.

Hunny checked my blog using their PC at home and he was able to access it just fine. He saw (I always tell him not to read my blog, so I'm assuming he didn't read) my latest posts - BDJ Rendezvous entry and our PhotoBooth photo.

So I browsed through Google's long list of terms and agreements, ended up downloading (not to mention signing up) and installing Internet security softwares on our PC. Hopefully that will fix it.


And if it does..

Would I be able to retract/delete my review? Sigh.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

... And yes as you can see I'm back to blogging using BlogPress. Meaning, may sayad lang talaga PC namin. haha! :p

Keep Smiling – The story of the happy coffee cup!

Why ruin a perfectly good day and possibly a great week ahead when we could choose not to?

It is pretty hard though. Let’s just say: Today is Monday. ‘nuf said! But you know how it is - when you start BVs (bad vibes) on Mondays it goes on for the rest of the week. I think it’s one of the many rules of the universe. o pauso ko lang. haha!

So even if there’s an on-going protest (Luzon-wide if I’m not mistaken) and I’m around 30 minutes late, not to mention a whole lot of other reasons to be pissed.

I have decided to start the week right. Good vibes, I summon thee. Hehe.

Which brings me to the story of the happy coffee cup -- haha!

Meet the Bibingkinitan! coffee cup. I got this last week when us girls (Gaye, Reich and myself) decided to meet up for some chika-bonding time. Since we’re on tipid mode (no Starbuck’s coffee nor CBTL), we headed to the Shangri-La mall foodcourt instead. They had Country Style donuts, hard to believe but -- yes, I said no to donuts and chose bibingka and kapeng barako this time.

We were busy talking that I didn’t notice the note on my cup. Good thing Gaye saw it. Look here!

And I don’t even remember if I smiled at the girl after she handed my bibingka and kape. But I think I did smile when I ordered. At least I smiled! Kaya nga siguro about smile yun sinulat nya. Well, she could have written, “Enjoy your coffee!” or … basta. She could’ve written something else. :P

I remember one of the quotes na nauso way back high school, something about being happy (and smiling): Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile. - Author Unknown

And another, from one of the St. Paul priests during mass or one of our inputs (can’t remember when exactly), but it’s something about giving your smile to the person with a frown, because that person needs your smile the most.

It’s true though, a simple smile can really brighten up the day. Di ba?

As you can see, I kept this cup. So that I’d be reminded to keep smiling even on crappy days. Even you can’t resist, with a surprise note like this. ;)

Sabihin mong hinde?

So before I forget --

To the girl (at Bibingkinitan! Shangri-La mall),
The note made my day. Thank you! May your service put a whole lot of smiles on other people’s face. :D

Yours Truly,

18 September 2011

BDJ Rendezvous: Breaking Free - Entry Submitted

It's that time again - Bellas unite! Yay! I've just submitted my entry earlier. Hopefully I make it through the list and get an invite. :D

BDJ Rendezvous: Breaking Free
Shatter the barriers that keep you from excellence!

WHEN: September 24, 2011 (1PM to 5PM)
WHERE: The RAMP Crossings Glorietta

Bring out your key features with the right makeup and techniques.

Feel sexy in your own skin! Learn how to dress according to your body type.

Don't let failure get the best of you. Find out how to get the best from failure.

Plus! Exciting PRIZES and GIVEAWAYS from generous brand partners!

Woot! My friends have submitted their entries as well - keeping my fingers crossed now! :D

12 September 2011

Game of Thrones

"Winter is Coming"
Watching Game of Thrones (Season 1) for the 2nd time. I can't get over the ending! So sad!! I fell in-love with Drogo! BUT only because he reminds me of my hunny -- sans the heavy eyeliner.

Mukhang scary (big guy, suplado and matching long hair) but really sweet to the girl he's smitten with -- ehem. :P

Anyway, will start reading the book this weekend.

I’ll let you know my thoughts – until then, I recommend you watch the TV series too!

HBO. (don't know the time slot though) :D


08 September 2011

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!


Good night. Sleep tight. ♥

Parkview Square, Singapore
 "God is always in full control."

Last night, during our prayer meeting (Eucharistic Mass since it's the first Wednesday of the month), we we're given this beautiful reminder. Such a beautiful promise!

Prayer meeting's indeed one of the best way to end my Wednesday! I slept soundly last night. <3

Note: Photo of Parkview Square taken April 28, 2011 during my 3-weeks stay in Singapore.

06 September 2011

These boots are made for walkin'

I wore them to work today and realized that:
  • what used to be a 5-minute walk from Shaw Boulevard Station to the office (when i'm wearing flats) would take me 15 minutes. Thank goodness I'm early hence no need to run.
  • the MRT stairs are the arch enemies of a 3-inch heels! 
  • for a commuter like me, anlayo pala talaga ng byahe from Cavite to Manila?! 
  • last and most importantly -- wearing heels this high is hazardous to my health. I'm now in dire need of foot massage.
Note: It's been years since I wore high heels to work (normally just/during/on special occasions --which only lasted a few hours). It's always been flats and sneakers (or sometimes wedge shoes) for me.

But I love these boots nevertheless!

27 August 2011

Hunny's iPad 2 Surprise

Love love love!
64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model, with the best reviewed iPad case (he did a lot of research), micro sim, apps, games, ebooks, mp3s, movies -the works!  even the complete set of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips! "Only the best for my baby" -- yikeee! :p

Everything to make me happy, it's here (yes, i'm using the iPad now to write this blog)!

Although.. call it cliche (or cheesy even), but it's not just about the iPad. What I appreciate the most is the thought and effort he put into this gift. Sweet! <3

I could still even ask him to download a lot of stuff to add here. Ain't that sweet? Ako na mahaba hair, kulot pa! :p

He's always been like that, 5 years (and counting!) yet he still loves to surprise me. You could say i'm lucky. Yup, lucky indeed! I must have done something right to have the sweetest boyfriend who loves me this much!

Thank you so much Lord for my hunny! :D

25 August 2011

Long Weekend!!

..and it's payday! Hooray!

Monday, August 29th – National Heroes’ Day
Tuesday, August 30th – Eid’l Fitr, also known as the Feast of Ramadan

Happy Friday indeed! :D 

Here's my song for the day - Glee cast's rendition of Friday!


21 August 2011

Antok. Borlog.

pl. tagalog gay lang for sleep (source) 

1:38PM, Manila time. Just had lunch.

After a hefty serving of pancit canton at kwek-kwek – mas lalo lang yata akong inantok! I’ve tried everything! Well, except coffee that is. I resolved to try not to drink coffee as part of my diet-dietan plan. Ha!

So this morning I opted for green tea, Doublemint gums and Kit-Kat. So much for diet. Double FAIL!

Hopefully a few sips of Cobra (hinde ko kaya ubusin yun isang bote) and teeth brushing might just do the trick. Can’t concentrate, so blog it is. Let’s see if I can focus.






Crazy over Gogo's Crazy Bones!

At the Mall of Asia with the family for the Gogo's Crazy Bones "swap" event. Saya!

So what are Gogo's Crazy Bones?

GOGO's are small colorful characters that come in hundreds of colors and designs, each one with a unique name, design and personality. 

It was my nephew who introduced me to these cute little creatures. Saw three little Gogo's displayed at the living room last Sunday evening. So cute I wanted one! They reminded me of Mr. Octopus (poor little thing). The following day, Monday - together with the boyfriend went to SM Ayala Toy Kingdom to look for them.

Found 'em! Three cute little Gogo's come in a little red packet for only 99 pesos.

I decided to choose just one out of the three and it's (drum roll please) -- Bugaloo! Named it Omellette. I actually wanted something different (something pink) but after I found out about its Happy Ray ability -- i'm hooked. Just what I need. A ray of optimism to "bring" everyday. Haha! pasensya, parang bata lang :p

Anyway, Hunny bought his first set to choose from as well. Bad influence ako! He chose Zar Zar and named it Googly Duh. Mas bagay.

The rest from both our set, we gave na lang to my nephew.

Below are the pics from the event.



You can also check the site for more Gogo's information.
Here's the link: http://www.gogos-crazybones.com/en

12 August 2011

SMILE, Jesus loves you

8:08AM. Made it! Whew! Considering I left the house 6:40-ish it’s a miracle I made it here this early.

I left the house late, all because I couldn’t find a tee that fits! I see bulge everywhere.  Shoots. I really should lose these extra pounds. asap!

Tried the pink top and a vest to go over that (I don’t like the vest) next! The Zebra print tank top and a cardigan (cardigan not bagay sa pants) sigh – back to the pink top – brushed my teeth looked at the mirror – and left the house wearing this black shirt. Crap! I chose black so I could hide the bulges and yet I can still see ‘em right above the hips. Damn. 

I am so gonna be late! Run chim, run!

Ever notice how the universe seems to conspire against you when you’re in a hurry? Ayaw ako pasakayin ng mga tricycle drivers! After what felt like years (okay, that’s exaggeration), nakasakay rin. Yey! And there it was, right in front of me - a sticker: SMILE, Jesus loves you. And then I just knew – I’ll make it on time! I don’t know why, but my heart felt it. God is talking to me through that sticker. And it made me smile.


Buti na lang, dahil yun nasakyan kong jeep, lahat na yata ng kanto hinintuan! On normal days, that would’ve pissed me off, but today I chose to ignore manong driver kahit kainis sya. Took a deep breath and let it go. Pagdating sa terminal – puno na yun van. camote! On to the next van, tatlo pa lang kaming sakay. boohoo!

Panic mode. Tick tock. 10 minutes before seven. Tick tock.  

7AM, napuno na rin. Sa wakas! And off we go. Smile, Jesus loves you – I’ll make it on time! Knowing this, I dozed off the entire byahe. When I woke up we’re already in Baclaran. Looked at my watch – 7:30! Whoa! I can’t believe it! It usually take around 45 minutes – without traffic, and based on experience traffic’s heavier on Fridays. But there we were, and it only took 30 minutes. Amazing! God grants even my petty little request!

Took my time maglakad sa MRT, umarte lang, ayun – missed the train by seconds! Natakot akong maipit nung pinto eh. So I had to wait for the next. I would’ve been earlier had I made it on that train, but its fine – more than fine, 8:08AM is a miracle! I’m so happy! Jesus indeed loves me!

So if you’re feeling down today, bothered, anxious or whatnot – Smile, Jesus loves you! :D

20 May 2011

Keepin' the Faith

"In all things, always remember to give thanks. 

  You might not be where you want to be, 
  but neither are you where you used to be. 

  If it hasn't happened yet, that doesn't mean it won't happen.
  Remember, a delay is not a denial from God;
  In His own time, He will make all things beautiful.." 


I received this text from a friend about a week ago.. so timely.

"not (yet) where I want to be, but neither where I used to be"  -- my exact predicament as I blog.

Thank You Lord for this beautiful reminder. Just when I thought my world is crumbling (and i  must say crashing down on me!). Everything seems to be a mess I can't help but wonder - of all the "things" to rain and pour - why these? Hinde ba pedeng blessings na lang, Lord?

And here, You've used a friend and a book to remind me that there is hope - in You. Always.

A chapter in Bro. Obet Cabrillas book Spell Out Your Love titled - The Lord gives, the Lord takes away (Yet He always has a beautiful way of replacing things) what a wonderful promise. A promise we can all look forward to. - blessed be the name of the Lord! - Job 1:21

And now I chose to keep the faith. A work in progress - yes. Through constant prayers, Bible readings and simply surrounding myself with loving people (those who care and love me genuinely). Knowing that in all these I'm still truly blessed.

With a grateful heart Lord, I thank You.

"Faith is believing in things we cannot see and the realization of the things we hope for"
- Hebrews 11:1