19 September 2011

Keep Smiling – The story of the happy coffee cup!

Why ruin a perfectly good day and possibly a great week ahead when we could choose not to?

It is pretty hard though. Let’s just say: Today is Monday. ‘nuf said! But you know how it is - when you start BVs (bad vibes) on Mondays it goes on for the rest of the week. I think it’s one of the many rules of the universe. o pauso ko lang. haha!

So even if there’s an on-going protest (Luzon-wide if I’m not mistaken) and I’m around 30 minutes late, not to mention a whole lot of other reasons to be pissed.

I have decided to start the week right. Good vibes, I summon thee. Hehe.

Which brings me to the story of the happy coffee cup -- haha!

Meet the Bibingkinitan! coffee cup. I got this last week when us girls (Gaye, Reich and myself) decided to meet up for some chika-bonding time. Since we’re on tipid mode (no Starbuck’s coffee nor CBTL), we headed to the Shangri-La mall foodcourt instead. They had Country Style donuts, hard to believe but -- yes, I said no to donuts and chose bibingka and kapeng barako this time.

We were busy talking that I didn’t notice the note on my cup. Good thing Gaye saw it. Look here!

And I don’t even remember if I smiled at the girl after she handed my bibingka and kape. But I think I did smile when I ordered. At least I smiled! Kaya nga siguro about smile yun sinulat nya. Well, she could have written, “Enjoy your coffee!” or … basta. She could’ve written something else. :P

I remember one of the quotes na nauso way back high school, something about being happy (and smiling): Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile. - Author Unknown

And another, from one of the St. Paul priests during mass or one of our inputs (can’t remember when exactly), but it’s something about giving your smile to the person with a frown, because that person needs your smile the most.

It’s true though, a simple smile can really brighten up the day. Di ba?

As you can see, I kept this cup. So that I’d be reminded to keep smiling even on crappy days. Even you can’t resist, with a surprise note like this. ;)

Sabihin mong hinde?

So before I forget --

To the girl (at Bibingkinitan! Shangri-La mall),
The note made my day. Thank you! May your service put a whole lot of smiles on other people’s face. :D

Yours Truly,

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