27 August 2011

Hunny's iPad 2 Surprise

Love love love!
64GB Wi-Fi + 3G model, with the best reviewed iPad case (he did a lot of research), micro sim, apps, games, ebooks, mp3s, movies -the works!  even the complete set of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips! "Only the best for my baby" -- yikeee! :p

Everything to make me happy, it's here (yes, i'm using the iPad now to write this blog)!

Although.. call it cliche (or cheesy even), but it's not just about the iPad. What I appreciate the most is the thought and effort he put into this gift. Sweet! <3

I could still even ask him to download a lot of stuff to add here. Ain't that sweet? Ako na mahaba hair, kulot pa! :p

He's always been like that, 5 years (and counting!) yet he still loves to surprise me. You could say i'm lucky. Yup, lucky indeed! I must have done something right to have the sweetest boyfriend who loves me this much!

Thank you so much Lord for my hunny! :D

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