28 October 2011

Halloween Costume Contest

I've decided to be Misa Amane of Death Note for the Halloween costume contest at work. This way I just have to wear an emo-ish, goth look (something like that).

It's like recycling the costume I did last year - only this time without the fangs. Shinigami eyes - on! :D

Here are a few photos I grabbed at Facebook taken during the day :)

Chim dressed up as Death note's Misa
Well, I did try! I used my sister's dress this time. Buti na lang I already have this notebook noon pa (I'm a fan!). I love L btw, in case you're wondering.

In character - Fail. 
I was really just trying to show the make-up (Emo/Goth/Anime eyes) Frannie did. I should have closed my eyes a bit! :P

The Misa transformation. Thanks for the make-up Frannie!
Daanin sa make-up and accessories!
  • The Death Note-book
  • Last year's finger-less lace gloves (this was a part of my last year's "vampire" costume - maxado kasi mahal yun arm-length lace gloves, and since I'd only be using it once, I bought an arm sleeve instead - di nga lang bumagay sa dress so I re-used this na lang)
  • Forever 21 cross necklace (one look and I'm hooked. I just had to buy!)
  • Hunny's silver cross necklace (it was Nanay's gift to him, pero he gave me. <3)
  • Racq's cross earrings and bead bracelet (Thanks boy! so cute, makes me want cross earrings like these too!)
  • The Bling Project leather bracelet, SM accessories black ring, and my DIY choker haha! 
You'll only need a black lace, black ribbon and a Sew-No-More glue - voila! Choker na! :D

The Marketing Team Photo Stitch
(clockwise from upper left) The marketing department in their respective costumes; Frannie's zombie (oatmeal-cotton combo) face. (I vote for Fran!); Death Note's Misa, Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and The Waiter (haha!); We love our eye make-ups!

Photos with the marketing peeps! :D
(clockwise from upper left) Close-up with Reich; Misa with Inspector Charlie; at North Park with the marketing team. Yup! We went there with full make-up and costume on!

This was not supposed to be posted for all to see. But oh well. Reich already uploaded it on Facebook so I might as well post it here.

Us Three
Love this shot, I just had to post (full body shot this time). Death Note's Misa, Resident Evil's Jill Valentine and The Waiter? (pede din Tuxedo mask na lang para mas okay pakinggan) haha! :D

'twas a spook-tacular Halloween costume contest (hinde talaga party. Boom!). Dami nag-participate especially the night shift OSRP-eeps. Scary santa, french maid, witches, head-less guy, ghost, Pokemon's Ash, MIB, taong grasa (astig!) and a lot of the unknowns a.k.a. di alam kung ano ba sila. Fun! :D

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