05 November 2011

Blogger for iPad

With iPhone and iPod Touch interface to put to the test.

Today, Imma try and update my blog using the free app Blogger made. Hope I like it, even with this interface.

Now what to post...

Quick Update!

Blogger for iPad Review

The good:
It's FREE! And the simple interface that allows you to create post, save and publish is nice when you want to blog on-the-go using your iPad 2.

And the Bad:
• Unable to edit the posting date.
• I couldn't arrange the photos the way I want them to.
• Unable to post texts right after the photos.
• The iPhone and iPod Touch interface. It'd be really cool if Blogger creates an interface specifically for iPad. Please? :)

I tried doing edits manually through Blogger web (Safari) - but I'm unable to make ANY changes. It keeps giving me errors. :(

Too bad the BlogPress app is also crashing. First I couldn't see any of the posts, so I can't choose anything to edit. And then I tried posting a new entry, and it crashes when I hit publish. When I opened the app again, I couldn't see the "new" post - well, any of the posts that is. Maybe it's the bug because of the new iOS 5?

Boohoo! BlogPress - please fix the bugs.

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