06 November 2011

Paparapapa.. Love ko to!

It's mama's birthday in a few minutes! Thank God bakasyon din bukas pede kami magpuyat today. Yay! :D

Yup, the plan is that tomorrow we'll stay here sa house. Cook our favorite spaghetti and prepare papa's favorite (we'll anything sweet is both our favorite hehe :P) fruit cocktail. So this afternoon, we went to SM Southmall to shop for ingredients. Grocery shopping! I love grocery shopping! It used to be our bonding thing - me and my sisters (and mama), but we figured we always got carried away and spend waaay beyond our budget, so we try not to do it by group often. Sila mama or papa na lang para tipid. :P

But we did it again together today - for mama! Then we went to √Čtude. Bought a brightening facial wash - Happy Tea Time (Peach Tea) cleansing foam. I loooove the scent! And it's creamy even with a pea sized amount! Ate Joie, after checking almost every color and type of lipstick in the store finally found the perfect shade. Ganda! I would've bought one for me too pero tipid mode muna. Besides I'm targeting NYX's lip cream or matte lipstick this time hehe! So even if I wanted to buy an Etude BB cream, blush, lipstick and compact powder. I must focus! And I did it! Good job! *pats self in the back*

Our nephew, Rain was so hungry kakahintay samin, ayun umiyak na - so we had dinner at McDonald's to buy his Happy Meal Baby Puss toy (cute! gusto ko din! Haha!). Tagal ko nang hinde nakapag McDo in fairness. I missed their cheeseburger and fries!

We didn't have time to watch the Puss in Boots movie (mama wanted to go home early), so we'll watch it na lang next week. :)

Went to Toy Kingdom as Ate Lei had to buy gifts for her inaanak, and Rain gets to have another batch of GoGos Crazy bones to add to his collection. In there I saw Kachooz - ang cute!!! They remind me of trolls... only cuter, and they look way friendlier. I used to have a troll with a bunny tail so it's cuter than the average troll na walang damit. Hehe. Now I want Kachooz!!

Dami ko naman gusto. Haha!

It's a fun day nevertheless. I thank God for bonding times like this. And most of all I thank God for all the blessings. Thank You Lord for my family.

Can't help but sing --

Paparapapa... Love ko to. <3

cheeseburger saka fries :D
we love you mama!

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