28 January 2012

Fun SaturDate - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Watched Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows.
Last full show at Southmall, Cinema 4 (yep, will now officially start noting the place and cinema # as I really tend to forget them as well).

We're over a month late in watching!
The movie was clever, fun and overall entertaining - the cinema on the other hand is a different story.

20 January 2012

Movie Date - Underworld: Awakening

Shangri-la Mall, Cinema 1 in 3D
Starts at 7:15 PM

Our first movie date this year!

Underworld: Awakening Wallpaper
I loooove it! Vampires, Lycans plus Resident Evil peg! What's not to love?!

Warning: if you haven't watched the movie and you plan to - please stop reading here. Below post might "spoil" the movie for you. This is not necessarily a review, these however, are my take and thoughts about the movie.

Hooray it's Friday!

Date night tonight - yahoooo!

Underworld Awakening in 3D! Yay!

Thank you Hunny ko for staying up way beyond 12 hours just so you can take me out on a movie date. <3

Yosi muna :)

Chim "writing" awesome notes while waiting for the boyfriend

13 January 2012

Chef's bad service. Boo!

Ugh. Waited over 30 minutes for our food.

Spaghetti carbonara, great white pizza and nachos and dips.

Note that the last food served was the nachos. And the place isn't even packed. What's up with that Chef Angelo's at Glorietta 5?

On the brighter side of things - I love that its Friday night, love the view and love the one I'm with. #cheesy

04 January 2012

First Prayer Meeting of the Year!

Hooray for Wednesdays!

The early birds gets to make tambay :D

Starbucks, Megamall Bldg A

And accomplish at least one to-do list! (actually muntik na kami ma-late but we made it a few minutes before the mass started. Yay!)

New leather strap for mama's watch - check!

Ma, will this mean akin na yun watch? :D

I'm so happy we have prayer meetings again. I missed this!

Chim Prints Here

Change is coming.

Chos! Binago ko lang yun blog title. :P

Hopefully I can work on making a cute banner - or something. Considering how hectic my schedule is malabo pa. (May ganun? feeling celebrity lang. haha!) Seriously though - sana soon!