19 September 2011

Panic mode - that's what happened.

Note: this is an excerpt from my Chapters (journal entry) last night.


So hunny said yes - for me to purchase and download BlogPress (the blogging app for iPad). Been reading reviews about it the whole afternoon - ever since I was unable, after several attempt, to put an image on my blog post. I searched for the best app I could use.

There's Photobucket (a free app where you upload pics to their servers. I think. haha). You just copy the link/url code and place it as HTML on the blogger editor - didn't work for me though. I couldn't edit right after I put the codes. And when I tried to submit and publish -- nothing happened. It redirected me to the same text editor page without the codes. And the "updates" did not appear on my blog. Didn't even saved a draft when I refreshed the page.

Oh well.

Then hunny consented (spoiled much, I know) that I purchase the BlogPress app. I was able to successfully post 2 new entries - yay! I find the app very straight forward and easy to use. The interface was actually way simpler than what I imagined it to be haha! It prompts me to check my posts right after I click publish and it automatically redirected me to my updated blog page in safari. I was thrilled! I could actually see my posts yay! :D

Of course I wanted to check how my posts looked like using the PC. And so it began.

Panic mode.

I couldn't access my blog! WTH?! Google message says they've detected a traffic violation of some sort.


Was it because of the app I used?? Shux! I tried over and over. To no avail. What the heck happened? So there, I posted a review - gave the app 1 star, saying "what happened?! Now I couldn't access my blog using my pc. :( " (and a few more rants I think). Totally forgetting that it was hunny's account I was using and it's his name that would appear. Camote! To think I was the first to give the new version (app was recently updated I believe) a review. LOL. It's a little funny now thinking about what I did. Panic mode much.

Hunny checked my blog using their PC at home and he was able to access it just fine. He saw (I always tell him not to read my blog, so I'm assuming he didn't read) my latest posts - BDJ Rendezvous entry and our PhotoBooth photo.

So I browsed through Google's long list of terms and agreements, ended up downloading (not to mention signing up) and installing Internet security softwares on our PC. Hopefully that will fix it.


And if it does..

Would I be able to retract/delete my review? Sigh.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

... And yes as you can see I'm back to blogging using BlogPress. Meaning, may sayad lang talaga PC namin. haha! :p

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