12 August 2011

SMILE, Jesus loves you

8:08AM. Made it! Whew! Considering I left the house 6:40-ish it’s a miracle I made it here this early.

I left the house late, all because I couldn’t find a tee that fits! I see bulge everywhere.  Shoots. I really should lose these extra pounds. asap!

Tried the pink top and a vest to go over that (I don’t like the vest) next! The Zebra print tank top and a cardigan (cardigan not bagay sa pants) sigh – back to the pink top – brushed my teeth looked at the mirror – and left the house wearing this black shirt. Crap! I chose black so I could hide the bulges and yet I can still see ‘em right above the hips. Damn. 

I am so gonna be late! Run chim, run!

Ever notice how the universe seems to conspire against you when you’re in a hurry? Ayaw ako pasakayin ng mga tricycle drivers! After what felt like years (okay, that’s exaggeration), nakasakay rin. Yey! And there it was, right in front of me - a sticker: SMILE, Jesus loves you. And then I just knew – I’ll make it on time! I don’t know why, but my heart felt it. God is talking to me through that sticker. And it made me smile.


Buti na lang, dahil yun nasakyan kong jeep, lahat na yata ng kanto hinintuan! On normal days, that would’ve pissed me off, but today I chose to ignore manong driver kahit kainis sya. Took a deep breath and let it go. Pagdating sa terminal – puno na yun van. camote! On to the next van, tatlo pa lang kaming sakay. boohoo!

Panic mode. Tick tock. 10 minutes before seven. Tick tock.  

7AM, napuno na rin. Sa wakas! And off we go. Smile, Jesus loves you – I’ll make it on time! Knowing this, I dozed off the entire byahe. When I woke up we’re already in Baclaran. Looked at my watch – 7:30! Whoa! I can’t believe it! It usually take around 45 minutes – without traffic, and based on experience traffic’s heavier on Fridays. But there we were, and it only took 30 minutes. Amazing! God grants even my petty little request!

Took my time maglakad sa MRT, umarte lang, ayun – missed the train by seconds! Natakot akong maipit nung pinto eh. So I had to wait for the next. I would’ve been earlier had I made it on that train, but its fine – more than fine, 8:08AM is a miracle! I’m so happy! Jesus indeed loves me!

So if you’re feeling down today, bothered, anxious or whatnot – Smile, Jesus loves you! :D


  1. Amen! welcome back I mish u... hihih lablab =)

  2. I liiiiiiiive! chos! haha! Thanks ikoness! lablab! :D


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