31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011 - Hello 2012!

Time to say goodbye to the year that was (in a few hours that is) - year 2011, thank you for the happy, even the not-so-happy emo-ments. The hectic (a.k.a work-induced haggard days). For crazy, fun-filled girlfriend(s) bondings.

For the boyfriend who thinks i'm still sexy and pretty at 140 lbs! (shucks!) For him buying my favorite Christmas coffee with the oatmeal cookie (just the way I like it) because he knows the combo would make me smile. For him holding my hand and kissing my sweaty forehead (even with people watching!).

For family who supported and loved me even when I felt like a "failure". For the prayer meetings I looked forward to each Wednesdays.

For the inner chaos and weight struggles (haha!). For life (and love) issues, for new experiences and lessons learned - every memories to be cherished and thankful for.

Cheers to braving and surviving them all!

Faith. Hope. Love. -

With God, family, my hunny and friends by my side, I say - Bring it on 2012 I'm so ready for you! <3

25 December 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Let's not forget that today is not just about the food served on the table, get-together with family and friends, not even the presents we gave as well as those we received -

Let's remember that today is a celebration of God's present to the world, His Son, Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed that He loves us so much, He gave us His son.

Thank You Father God for everything that You've done for us and has given us. We truly are not worthy yet you loved us dearly.

Happy Birthday Jesus! We love You.

24 December 2011

Gift to Self

Just because.

Paris Hilton Heiress Eau de Parfum (hunny and moi love this scent) and Gap Moonwalk body mist (because it's on sale) Teehee!

Have a Happy Christmas Chim! <3

23 December 2011

Cheesy Much

It's drizzling and I'm tired. But with you here beside me, holdin my hand is the perfect way to end the night. #cheesy

10 December 2011

Wedding Bells

They're Getting Married!!

Christopher George Ventanilla and Geraldine Marcelo, we're so happy for you both! <3