About Me

Hello there! I'm Tin. But lately most of my friends call me chim.

  • I love books, colored pens, tube paints and the smell of new papers.
  • I keep journals where I write and doodle.
  • I adore dogs, kitties, tigers and dragons (Toothless!).
  • Weird I know, but zombies - games, TV shows and movies fascinate me.
  • I always ALWAYS carry a lip balm with me.
  • Bonding over coffee, cupcakes and cookies makes me happy.

Blessed with a loving family, best friends and the sweetest boyfriend. All because I have an awesome God! :D

I tweet - a lot. Follow me. http://twitter.com/chim_cootienose
I photo blog through tumblr http://chortletums.tumblr.com/

I believe that life is what we make it.

Just keep the Faith. Hope. Love.

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