20 January 2012

Movie Date - Underworld: Awakening

Shangri-la Mall, Cinema 1 in 3D
Starts at 7:15 PM

Our first movie date this year!

Underworld: Awakening Wallpaper
I loooove it! Vampires, Lycans plus Resident Evil peg! What's not to love?!

Warning: if you haven't watched the movie and you plan to - please stop reading here. Below post might "spoil" the movie for you. This is not necessarily a review, these however, are my take and thoughts about the movie.

You've been warned.

• The "purge" feels like a zombie apocalypse
• Selene's moves reminds me of Jill Valentine - although (as the boyfriend puts it) Selene kicks vampire and lycan -butts with way more kick-ass moves. (I know. But nevertheless, I still love Jill :P)
• "Subject #1" - reminds me of Sadako. (brrr. I shiver at the mere thought of The Ring. :-s WTH.)

There's a lot of action scenes kaya siguro the movie didn't feel bitin, even with the cliffhanger ending. Yup, there'd be a sequel for sure!

I super enjoyed our date. <3

I love the movie - and Kate Beckinsale. Woot! #girlcrush

Oh, and most importantly I love the one I'm with!

Yes, I just had to say that. :P

Love, love, love! :D

Wallpapers downloaded from the movie's official website

Underworld: Awakening Twitter Skin

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