28 January 2012

Fun SaturDate - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Watched Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows.
Last full show at Southmall, Cinema 4 (yep, will now officially start noting the place and cinema # as I really tend to forget them as well).

We're over a month late in watching!
The movie was clever, fun and overall entertaining - the cinema on the other hand is a different story.

Ugh. The static screen, that I can handle (I think. Since its "normal" with most cinemas here.) but the static sound that drowned the movie conversations. The horror. If only there's an easier way of calling the personnel in-charge without much commotion and the tendency to miss certain movie parts. Sigh. If only "shhh-ing" would make that noise stop. I was already imagining sleeping "movie people" inside the what-ever-they-call-it-room, basta the room where they operate the film. And yes, it came to a point that I had to ask God to please make the noise stop. We might be missing parts where some clues are being revealed - or something. I believe the sounds went back to normal, after a very brief disruption where the screen goes black and poof new scenes. Oh well, at least the sounds were okay again.

We ate dinner at Shakeys - pizza and pasta and calamari! We totally forgot that with that combo meal - we could only either choose between a plate of pasta or the chick 'n chips platter. We added a full order of calamari tuloy. We could've ordered the chick 'n chips had we remembered and understood the waitress' speech about the combo option.

Anyway, I'm glad and proud to say, we are starting to eat less! We used to finish the whole meal (which btw is for 3-4 persons!) but now, we had to take half portions of the pizza and pasta home. Wow!

Hooray for the two of us! :D

Hunny bought me coffee! Just because. Well, actually the plan was that I'd go to the mall early so I could make tambay over at Stabucks and chillax. Read a book, use the iPad -- and my coffee is his treat. Didn't happen, me going there early I mean. Watched 2 full episodes of Big Bang Theory (laughed my ass off at the Einstein Approximation episode) and got delayed. Bazinga!

I had a hard time choosing what to wear pa. I wore one of ate Lei's dress. Ang iksi. But I used shorts and pulled it off. I think I looked cute. Hunny thought so too! Kaya bawal kumontra. :D

Fun, fun night. I enjoyed the movie so much that I hardly noticed the eerie feel when mall stalls and boutiques are already closed. (yep, I have issues going out of the movie house to that mall's ambiance. Quiet and sad to the point of eerieness).

Here we are testing the timer feature of the SuperCamera app I downloaded. Siopao faces!!! Haha!

Instagramified :)

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