04 January 2012

First Prayer Meeting of the Year!

Hooray for Wednesdays!

The early birds gets to make tambay :D

Starbucks, Megamall Bldg A

And accomplish at least one to-do list! (actually muntik na kami ma-late but we made it a few minutes before the mass started. Yay!)

New leather strap for mama's watch - check!

Ma, will this mean akin na yun watch? :D

I'm so happy we have prayer meetings again. I missed this!

First Wednesday of the month means its healing Mass, which was led by Fr. Mar Sobrejuanite (tonight). It was such a beautiful homily, I was typing notes on my cellphone - like crazy! Parang ang bad ko tuloy. Which reminds me.. note to self: save up for a recorder. Yung ginagamit ng mga reporters! If my sponsor (ehem - the boyfriend) is reading this.. wala lang, I'm glad you're reading baby's prints. Teehee!

Anyway, I did say it was a very beautiful homily right. (Paulit-ulit?) I just really wish you (yes you, the one reading this) were there as well.

Tonight I learned that the beginning of the year are 2 gifts -- the gift of CHOICE and the gift of CHANCE. A choice to accept the things we cannot change (the past) and a chance to do something about it (today, the future).

It teaches us that we can be products of our past but we should not be prisoners (of the mistakes we've done nor the "bad" things we've been through). The past should not dictate the future. We commit mistakes, we hurt - because we are human. (And it's such a relief to know that we have a forgiving God who knows and understands what we're going through). Whew! <3

And we've also been introduced to St. John. The only one who did not die a martyr, but of old age. In gatherings - he always say "love one another" - for without love we are nothing.

It's okay that we hurt one another but the problem must be resolved and must have closure. Take time to look back and see if there are things to (m)end and fix. Pray for courage to face it and the courage to repair, so we can move on.

Since a new year means another year older - remember that age is but a state of mind. It is not the years in life but the life in years that counts. We pray for that instead.

Note that some of these have been paraphrased by yours truly as I couldn't ask Fr. Mar to slow down di ba. Kaya like I said, I typed away like crazy. And now I am sharing these to you, in the hope that these would inspire and bless you too. Just like it did me.

Time to get some sleep. Good night! :)

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