25 September 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife - It's Alice. She's Back.

Was able to watch the movie 2 weeks ago, but didn’t have the chance to post my review – so here goes: :P

As the virus continue to spread across the globe, turning great number of world population into the “undead”, Alice (Milla Jovovich) returns together with her clones to attack the Umbrella Facility in Tokyo.

She eventually loses her superhuman abilities and strength when her new nemesis, Wesker, successfully injected a new serum to her system.

She found Claire (Ali Larter) along the way, as well as several other survivors who found refuge in a high security prison. Where Chris (Wentworth Miller), believed to be a killer of some sort, has been locked up in a maximum security cell by the few others. (I didn’t get why they did that though - he's obviously virus-free and could be an asset to the team. Oh well.)

Most of these survivors have been killed in their quest to get to Arcadia. A place believed to be zombie-free, but turned out to be an Umbrella facility in the middle of the ocean.

I'm a fan of the game. Too bad Jill Valentine didn't get as much exposure ever since. Girl crush?? We'll she could kick zombie-butts in Resident Evil games! Speaking of which, zombies in this movie reminds me of the "mutant vampires" in one of those Blade movies. Something to do with their mouth.

And if I may add, even the Redfields didn't have as much action scenes. I think these characters deserve more than a few combat and gun scenes! Although.. notice that Chris knows the way out of their prison refuge - Wentworth - still. Prison break? How cute! Haha!

Not much with the storyline too. Seeing a crazed Claire, I thought it would be PlayStation 2's Resident Evil 4 plot where they would fight humans this time. But nah.

Lots of 3D worthy scenes (I think. Didn't get to watch this in 3D. Boo!). The big guy with the big axe looks familiar though.. Silent Hill's Pyramid Head?

The movie was entertaining nonetheless. Some parts were scream-worthy. For me at least! And yes, I would still want to watch the next movie - if there'd be any. :P 

My name is Alice. I had worked for the Umbrella Corporation. Five years ago, the T-Virus escaped, and everybody died. Trouble was... they didn't stay dead.

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