07 September 2010

Luxury Cinema at its Finest! Chim's Newport 3D Cinema Experience

I love!!

It’s Bloggers Night at Resorts World, New Port Cinema, for the 3D screening of Despicable Me.

I was pretty excited. It's my first time to watch a movie there!

Luxury Cinema at its Finest” – wow. Of course I'm expecting something different!

The cinema boasts state-of-the-art theater, equipped with the latest Dolby Digital Audio Technology as well as Dolby Digital glasses and cinema projector – this means no screen twitching and unnecessary noise during the movie! Hooray!

Unobstructed stadium seat viewing – so there's no need to worry even if the person seated in front is much taller than you. Not to mention the spacious leg room lets you move without the fear of distracting the people seated next to you. whew!

Less distraction, means more enjoyable movie experience! I’d definitely go back – this time with my hunny naman! :P

Experience 3D at Php300 and Php180 for regular cinema
For more info Like New Port Cinema at www.facebook.com/newportcity

we were there early!
with fab friends Ely and Ria

P.S. Thanks Az for the invites!


  1. aww. the interior looks really nice! Yay for more leg room! hmmm this makes me wanna try it na rin, not to mention it's cheaper than in iMax, yes?

  2. yup. iMax is at Php 350. Even the mall has a different ambiance, you should definitely try!


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