16 August 2010

Pressured. Not!

There - me and my big mouth (haha!) told my good friend Ely that I've already started a blog. Too much for incognito. I was too excited that I can't help but tell him I've done it. No regrets though, he inspired me after all.

Well, I felt I owe him that, after all I did use his page to rant about the gum on the bus’ handle. (chewed gum na nahawakan ko bago ako bumaba ng bus isang umaga. Kaasar. The perfect way to start your morning dba!)

He’s even excited and happy for me! Said he’s gonna launch my blog on his blog to promote and gain more hits. S-w-e-e-t! (Google analytics stuff - we'll get to that. soon!)  Although… is that even possible? After all, this is a personal blog. Who would bother checking random thoughts from little ol’ chim, right? Well, besides family, friends.. (haters of course!) Kasi naman, do I really have to ask?!

Anyway, I haven’t given him the link yet. A few more posts wouldn’t hurt. :P

So here I am adding another entry. Baby steps, yes. But it’s progress nonetheless! Woot!

So am I pressured? So NOT. Happy to say - I’m Inspired. ♥


  1. Oh! Napilit rin kitang ibigay sa akin ang link mo! hahaha! Great start Chim. I would love to read more of your posts here. More power! *Hugs*

  2. hahaha! malakas ka sakin eh! Nice to hear your thoughts about my posts - Thanks Ely dear!! *hugs*


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