29 August 2010

Bellas Share a Smile and Inspire

Last Saturday, August 21st, marked my first time to join an outreach program.

It was Belle de Jour’s second installment of the BDJ Passion Series.

To join we needed to submit a photo of our favorite spread in the BDJ planner and tell them why.

I submitted my January calendar spread.

Here's why: “I love the monthly pages because it's where I put important events (in advance) and those that I was able to accomplish, including the highlights of each day. ♥ “ 

The outreach venue was in Tondo, Manila - Scuola della Gioia, in cooperation with Fr. Giovanni Gentilin of the San Pablo Apostol Parish.

McDonald’s near Quezon Avenue MRT Station
(Corner of EDSA and Quezon Ave, across Centris Mall)

August 21 (Saturday), 7 am – 1 pm

 The kids were already waiting for us when we arrived.

After the brief introduction of all their "ate" for the day - off to the presentation:

 Ang  Alamat ng Unggoy

Ang Sakim na Kapitbahay

Now, for some FUN! 

Let's do this! Group 2 - for the win!
The Relay Game (Cup and Straw or  Calamansi and Spoon Game) - which as you can see I'm a part of! Group #2 wins! Yay!

The Boat is Sinking ("Nalulunod ang barko") haha! yes, we meant lumulubog ang barko! :P

Then we teach them how to properly wash the hands and brush the teeth:

Handwashing Techniques

 Teeth-brushing Techniques

And finally - LUNCH!

Danica Mae, Mark Lawrence, Racquel, Kristine, Judy Anne and Christian
I hope I spelled their names correctly!

Most of these kids still live in the Smokey Mountain part of Tondo, a place called Aromas. We weren't able to visit their homes but we've been told that half of the day spent with them already meant a lot.

The day ended and we had to go home. I just hope and pray that we did inspire them. So they would remember that there's still hope out there, that there are people who think of them, and most importantly, God the Father loves them dearly and cares for them.

'til we meet again!
“There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.”
- Mother Teresa
It was really a heart-warming, humbling and fulfilling experience for me. Indeed, it's true that "in helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us" - Flora Edwards

I can't wait for the next outreach! ♥

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