14 August 2010

Chim did it - Finally!

Yup. I've FINALLY decided to start a blog!

I love writing but I never see myself sharing thoughts, feelings and a whole lot of stuff about me for everyone to see. That's why I keep a journal instead.

But i'm bored lately. And I've been thinking about starting one anyway - it's even included in my list of 2010 goals (it's already August I know!) So there, cheers to my first ever post! :D

Now off to try and make this blog more decent.

I'm pretty excited. I did it! Hooray! ♥


  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the blogging world Chim! :-)

  2. Thanks Ely my dear!! You inspired me! ♥ Cheers to more random stuff to post (and lots of hits syempre)! :D


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