08 April 2012

Starbucks’ Nutrition by the Cup

I was cleaning our room the other day and found this Starbucks' pamphlet tucked inside one of my journal. I think I grabbed it a few years back - "my little something to read while having coffee"  - but didn’t really get to read just decided to keep instead. Teehee!

Well anyway, I finally gave it a go and checked how much calories a caramel macchiato have - and look:

 hello there, blurry caramel macchiato chart
I can’t believe a macchiato actually has less calories than a hot green tea beverage. Whoa!

Yup, the keyword my love is nonfat.

I honestly thought it didn't matter. I mean, I was afraid that it would look "hypocritical" for me to order nonfat when I’m around (what?) 140 lbs. Like "there goes the chubby chick (I refuse to use the word fat)  who orders nonfat and/or tea because she's watching her weight" - ha!

But now it totally made sense! Why not? when there’s around 73 calories total difference between nonfat and whole milk macchiato. Imagine how many calories we "save" each time. This goes most especially to those who drink this coffee every day. No, not me of course. :P

Anyway, I'm off to meet the boyfie in a few - movie date (Wrath of the Titans). Hooray! We plan to hangout and grab some coffee while we wait for the screening - so yes, I will go order me that nonfat coffee today.

Ciao! <3

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